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From its inception, Manas has initiated several community outreach programmes, targeted especially at children, adolescents and women. Disadvantaged populations have the twin burden of increased mental health problems and insufficient access to mental health services. Manas accomplishes its responsibility towards the community in a two way approach.

Firstly, Manas invites partnerships with various community service providers and engages in scientifically developed capacity building initiatives with them to develop the skills of their staff members and thereby ensure basic assistance to all beneficiaries who come in contact with the organization thereon.

Through the second approach Manas provides direct door step services to the community members. In regards to the same, Manas has been successful in setting up mental health units in various homes by Delhi Govt. for underpreviledged and homeless people in the community. 

Some of our current community outreach programs are:

  • Mind Map Program

  • Mental health Unit at Nirmal Chhaya Complex (
  • Mental health unit at Boys' Home, Kasturba Niketan, Lajpat Nagar
  •  Mental health unit for juveniles in conflict with law at observation Home, Kingsway camp


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