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Manas not only generates demand for psychological services through its awareness building initiatives but also works at the supply end where we prepare professionals and paraprofessionals, engaged in the helping profession to deal with their beneficiaries in a more scientific and effective manner. Manas has been conducting hands on trainings and workshops, focusing on professionals, parents and lay people. A few topics of the same are mentioned below:

·         Basic Counselling Skills

·         Psychometric Assessment for Children and Adults

·         Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Children

·         Career Counselling

Gender Sensitisation Trainings
Therapy at Manas
Assessments at Manas
Mental Health Plugin - Community and Outreach
Mental Health Plugin - Educational Institutes
Gender Senstization Training Launch for Auto drivers in Ghaziabad, 2017
We are Hiring! (Psychologist)
Guidelines for Internship
Gender Senstization Training Launch for Taxi and Bus drivers in Noida, 2017
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