Our Story

This was the realization the founder trustees had after working in hospitals for years. They saw how their interventions had limited reach and it only benefited people who were either psychologically sophisticated to seek help or those who had been referred after exhausting all other options.

In India, mental health is largely limited to the identification, treatment and referral of people suffering from mental illnesses. A deep stigma is attached to mental concerns and this has shaped the way people understand and access mental healthcare.

Manas Foundation was a culmination of their vision to change the nature of mental health care in India and to make it accessible to every section of the society. The organisation was founded in 2000 and the team set up a general clinic to de-hospitalise mental health care and reduce the attached stigma. This proved to be a tremendous success with a large number of people seeking support from the clinical practice. Manas expanded from a one-room clinical setup in an abandoned building in GK-II to two adjacent flats in Khirki Extension. While working with regular psychological and psychiatric interventions, the founders realised that mental health care could be highly beneficial to children with special needs and Manas organically metamorphosed into a facility for special children.

After a few years, the founders reached a crossroad and had to make a decision on whether to go deeper to address the concerns of special children or move towards providing mental healthcare to other sections of the society.

And thus the mission statement of the foundation was established – “to make mental health services available to all sections of the society while working on both demand and supply side of services”. Manas enhances demand through awareness campaigns to reach out to a larger population, and trains and sensitises professionals and para-professionals to augment the supply of mental health services.

We hope to change how people perceive mental health care and support them in realizing their full potentials.


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