Mental health awareness reduces stigma and simultaneously increases chances of early intervention, acknowledging the same, Manas Foundation’s mental health initiatives include the essential component of raising awareness about mental health needs and concerns in order to demystify and destigmatize mental health concerns.

Mental Health Awareness Campaigns

Prevention of the onset of mental health concerns before they occur can happen by educating people on a fact based reality of mental health impact, signs to look out for, and supporting them by sharing self-coping skills, is an important way to improve mental health in our communities. Mental health awareness is integrated into all our programs, workshops and group sessions that address mental health concerns relevant to the target populations to enable timely help-seeking.  Mental health awareness workshops are conducted with various groups such as – community members, teachers, parents, professionals, children and adolescents, etc. 

The themes on which we raise awareness are wide-ranging, read more (drop down)

  • Mental health and well-being
  • Common Psychological Disorders: depression, anxiety and stress
  • Mental health needs in children – internalizing and externalizing concerns
  • Specific learning disability
  • Self-harm and suicide
  • Adolescent mental health concerns
  • Sexual abuse and its psychosocial impact
  • Substance abuse,  addiction and related mental health concerns
  • Severe Mental Illnesses

Over the course of Manas Foundation’s journey, mental health awareness campaigns have been organized in association with:WHO, UNDP, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, The Live Love Laugh Foundation, SCERT etc.

Event-Based and Social Media Mental Health Awareness Campaigns

Manas Foundation collaborates with like-minded organizations to create synergies that achieve organising cause-based events. These campaigns run on multimedia platforms, they engage the audience through art and photography carrying the messaging about deeper understanding of issues and long term behaviours to adopt for their holistic wellbeing.

The event and cause-based awareness campaigns we have conducted include:

  • WORLD NO-TOBACCO DAY (2007, 2008, 2018) Read more..

This initiative was a direct engagement, primarily with youth and adolescents who have either fallen for the lure of the tobacco menace or are contemplating doing so in the near future. The aim of the campaign was to bring about an attitudinal change in the target group to not indulge in the act of smoking. While more than 10000 young individuals were addressed directly during these campaigns our campaign and messaging reached over a lakh of population.

After driving the success of the WNTD campaign in 2007, WHO gave Manas the opportunity to design and organize the campaign again on World No Tobacco Day 2008. This seven day campaign panned out at five places in Delhi & NCR with the focus of Tobacco Free Youth. The idea behind the campaign was to create ‘Cognitive dissonance’ among the youth by introducing feelings of discomfort by distributing fake cigarettes and gutka packs with pictorial information about the ill effects of tobacco use. To add to the dissonance of participating in an act that is injurious to one’s health, Manas placed persons dressed up as a “skeletons” to carry placards requesting public to be their friends. Enabling the youth to quit, Manas had listed a quit plan on the packets of cigarettes and gutkas, and there by ending the dissonance by adopting consistency. Gauging the performance of Manas in meeting the objectives of the campaign, WHO & Ministry of Health & Family Welfare again gave the opportunity to conduct the same in 2011 as well with the focus this year on “Effective Implementation of Framework Convention on Tobacco Control”.


#StopWhenYouSpot is a digital campaign by Manas Foundation in partnership with Milestone Dentsu, a digital marketing and advertising agency, to raise mental health awareness on suicide and its relationship with mental health concerns via a three-part video campaign. The series of videos were released on 10th September and October 10th 2018 on all Manas Foundation’s social media platforms and actively shared via the networks of our other partners with the trending hashtag #StopWhenYouSpot

The campaign compels viewers to STOP when you SPOT these mental health concerns and not hesitate to consult a mental health professional.

#HereforYouManas Foundation in Collaboration with SnapChat

In March 2020, SnapChat- a social media platform which is popular among youth-launched a mental health resource centre feature within its app in association with Manas Foundation as its key partner in India. According to a study performed by Snapchat,  an overwhelming majority of youth experiences feelings of stress and anxiety which led to the launch of #HereForYou. By simply typing key words like ‘anxiety’, ‘depression’, ‘loneliness’, ‘suicide’, ‘mental health’ and ‘wellbeing’; persons can access resource materials curated and designed by mental health experts at Manas Foundation. This way Manas Foundation is reaching out to millions of adolescents and adults to provide for their emotional needs and wellbeing.

#PsychSpeaksA Media Campaign during Covid 19 Pandemic

 During the times of uncertainty of the Corona Virus Outbreak that began in January 2020, Manas Foundation reached out to many of its viewers through engaging audio-visuals and live sessions to engage on the pandemic’s mental health impact and ways to combat it.


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