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Delivering comprehensive mental health services to the community​

Moving beyond the medical model

Our strength is our ability to provide both counseling and psychiatric interventions, integrated with one another. These interventions are provided both as direct delivery services and plugged in with key interventions like the public health systems, Education, and other Civil society Organizations.

We look to create both demand and supply for mental health. Our Awareness programs bring forth the latent mental health needs of the community, which we then meet by building capacities and making services available.

The pillars of our Psychosocial Model Of Mental Health

Creating Awareness, Building Capacities, Embedding Services & Partnering With The Government
Creating Awareness

Generating awareness after assessing the specific needs of the community unmasks the pent-up demand for mental health services. Mental health problems in the community tend to remain hidden and unacknowledged. Generating awareness after assessing the specific needs of the community unmasks the pent-up demand for mental health services. All of this is done with a keen understanding and respect for the culture and beliefs of the communities we work within. This helps to mainstream mental health issues and makes our interventions more acceptable to the community.

Building Capacities of stakeholders

Enabling persons who are the first points of contact with these skills makes mental health care more cost-effective. In every program, we identify the main stakeholders. Whether they are Medical Officers in PHC’s, Superintendents in Residential Homes, or ASHA/ANM workers, we work with them to improve their capacities in Mental Health. 

This includes training in identification, referral, and basic psychosocial interventions. Enabling persons who are the first points of contact with these skills makes mental health care more cost-effective. Building in this ‘last mile connectivity’ makes our services accessible to those who most need it.

Embedding mental health services with existing programs of partner organizations

Mental health services are integrated into our partners’ ongoing services in underserved regions.

This is exemplified in our partnership with Rama Krishna Mission, Varanasi. Mental health services were integrated with demonstrated sustainability into their ongoing primary health care services in the underserved interiors of Mirzapur. 

The mental health component, christened as the ‘Mansik Soundarya Program’, continues to be delivered under the guidance of Manas.

Partnership with Government

We have developed a deep understanding of the valuable roles that the Government and the district administration play in the delivery of interventions. We realize that collaborating with them is critical to ensure sustainability and achieve scale. We work closely with the District Hospital and the District Mental health Program, but we also realize that these medicalized services fulfil only part of the needs of the community. Through the complete bouquet of services that make up our psychosocial model, we believe we can reach out in the most effective manner to address a community’s mental health needs.


Our Community Mental Health programs are active across 5 states
 Dausa (Rajasthan), Mirzapur (Uttar Pradesh),  Almora (Uttrakhand), Chattisgarh, Delhi- NCR
CAMP Dausa, Rajasthan

This program successfully showcases all components of our vision, notably our close collaboration with the Department of Education, and the District hospital. Launched three years ago, it has been consistently evaluated and appreciated by the supporting organisations, Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the National Mental Health programme, Jaipur. A unique feature of this region is the Mehendipur Balaji temple, well known as a centre for faith healing for persons with mental illness. Our interventions are designed to be sensitive to such local beliefs and practices.

Mansik Soundarya Program, Mirzapur & Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

This seven-year-old program has been delivering mental health care integrated with the primary health program of our partner organization, Rama Krishna Mission Home of Service, Varanasi. This partnership has leveraged their reach as primary care providers in the remote regions of eastern U.P. to deliver mental health care to communities who had no access to these services. The emphasis on integrated care and sustainability and its unique model of telepsychiatry are amongst its many highlights. 

CAMP Kumaon, Almora, Uttarakhand ​

This program provides mental health services in collaboration with the CMO, Almora in the remote interiors of the hill state of Uttarakhand.  

Currently working at the block level and at the village level for the last one year, this is a completely local community-driven project. It broadens the scope of positive mental health by also focusing on livelihoods and general health. Its location right in the midst of the communities it serves ensures the  last mile connectivity in the delivery of services.

Innovating mental health services for tribal populations, Chattisgarh

We provide mental health services to children residing in the homes set up by the Tribal welfare Department in four districts of Chhattisgarh – Sukma, Dantewada, Narayanpur, and Kanker. 

We have set up mental health units in partnership with the district administration the district hospital and capacitate other stake holders to understand and deliver mental health solutions.

Comprehensive mental health services for child and women care institutions, Delhi-NCR

This pioneering program has been in operation for the last 10 years in partnership with the Women and Child Department, Delhi-NCR. Mental Health Units are now functioning in all the 22 residential homes hosting around 3000 children and women

We provide direct interventions in terms of counselling and psychiatric intervention, as well as preventive and promotive services.