Comprehensive Mental Health services for Child and Women Care Institutions in Delhi – NCR

in partnership with Department of Women and Child Development (DWCD)

Mental, physical and social health are vital strands of that are closely interwoven and deeply interdependent yet widely ignored especially in children and adolescents, and more so for children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. Recognizing these needs as a major construct for a healthy development of an individual, Manas Foundation has been providing provide accessible and affordable comprehensive mental health services from the last one decade to Women and child care institutions, which has now expanded to all the homes including child care institutions (CCI) and children in conflict with law (CCL). It is an extremely proud moment for us as our “mental health model” of care is recognized by all the stakeholders and is replicated in all homes run by WCD. We also cater to women homes as a part of this initiative.

Our journey began with the partnership of the Department of Women and Child Development (DWCD) in 2011 with the establishment of our first mental health unit in Nirmal Chhaya which is a government run home for children and women with the initial aim to provide mental health services to the residents suffering from mental illness. Our team has been providing psychological interventions and psychiatric consultations on a regular basis since then to people with mental illness.

However, soon our mental health services expanded to serve all the residents of the home as the key mental health problems identified amongst the residents were exposure to traumatic life situations, psychological and physical abuse, low education and awareness, weak social support system, family discord and physical disabilities. We found these factors served as a hindrance in achieving the actual potential and were a host of dysfunctional mental states and behavioral problems.  Manas foundation has thereafter been providing awareness workshops about the impact of the psychosocial factors on one’s mental health. Further, preventive and promotive interventions for mental health needs and to build the coping strategies of an individual have become an integral part of our system. We aim to provide holistic intervention and a successful restoration of our residents with their families and society;thus family counseling is also considered to be an important element.

Overtime, our model with a psychosocial approach has been widely appreciated and was considered to be an important part of the reports of all the residents of the care institution.

As our work expanded, we have also been able to establish stronger ties with DWCD. In 2021, in partnership with DWCD we have been able to establish our mental health unit to 21 homes, which includes, Nirmal Chhaya complex for women and girls(8 homes within this cluster), observation home for boys,(3 homes in this cluster, namely Sewa kutir, majnu ka tilla, Delhi gate), Children home for boys(Alipur and lajpatnagar) and Sanskar Ashram(2 homes separately for boys and girls) and village cottage homes for children below 10 years of age.

OUR JOURNEY With DWCD (Timeline)


Providing Holistic Care And Ensuring Successful Rehabilitation

In all the care institutions we work in liaising and coordination with the all the stakeholders to provide our direct services, which includes individual counseling, psychological assessment, crisis interventions, post restoration and family counseling, and psychiatric consultations.

Impact numbers: Annual session details in Women and Child care institutes 

YearInitial EvaluationIndividual counselingFamily sessionsGroup SessionsIQ and Other AssessmentsPsychiatric consultation sessions
2017-188925010573 1022647

Preventive and Promotive Intervention & Counseling

Working to stay strong to meet the mental health needs of all….

Residents and clients are engaged in various recreational activities, group therapies and educative sessions and workshops, which are intended to be preventive interventions that raise awareness on mental health needs. Through the workshops we aim to promote the coping skills and build on the strength of our residents.

Our preventive and promotive intervention covers a wide range of mental health concerns including workshops on safe touch, sex education, preventing bullying, stress management, emotional regulation, substance use, peer pressure among adolescents, acceptance and tolerance, leadership and work, social skills,career guidance, marriage counseling and self-awareness. Recently, we have actively been engaging to hold workshops for COVID prevention and to address the mental health needs during these times.

Caring of the Care Giver

Manas works with the staff of institutions/residential homes with the aim of sensitizing them towards the need of identifying and managing mental health concerns among the residents.  The effort is to dispel stigma and myths, as well as to enable effective first-contact response.

We also understand that caregiving brings about its own set of challenges and is often marked with stress. We provide one-one counseling sessions and organize regular workshops with the caregiver for yoga, naturopathy etc. which helps to build their coping.

Yoga session for our caregivers

Staff sensitization workshop

Creating awareness about mental health

Talk IT: Lets learn to talk about mental health and take the society forward

Where mental health is itself stigmatized, the concerns of women and children are all the more silenced. Manas partners with DWCD in creating and circulating content to promote and mental health awareness of women and child.


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