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Gender Responsive Business/ Corporates System

The idea of gender justice programme emerges from the deep seeded fact that in order to have gender equality it is critical to adapt a multipronged approach. We also believe that safe and equal ecosystem is needed for women and girls not only inside homes and public places but also in workplaces and institutions where women find the safe to realise their dreams and aspirations. The legal backdrop to this is the POSH ACT of 2013, which mandates employers to undertake measures and initiatives to prevent prohibit and redress sexual harassment of women at workplace. The niche of the organisation lies in engaging and influencing diverse groups through interactive means to adopt respectful and sensitive conduct in professional settings. This has led to various corporate and business houses collaborate with Manas for implementing gender sensitization and healthy workplaces initiatives.

Maruti and Hyundai have collaborated with us to conduct training sessions of gender and POSH for their employees and frontline teams.

In partnership with Rupeek, awareness sessions on gender, POSH and professional behaviours are being conducted for their 5000 employees. This initiative started in the year 2020 and aims at supporting the company to create a culture of respect and professional protocols apart from the statutory needs of implementing the POSH ACT.


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