Year 2017 was path breaking for this programme. By this time the programme had emerged as one of the largest programme in Asia on engaging men for promoting gender equality. Some of the its key achievements seen were-

  • Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) declared this programme to be its largest CSR initiative and committed to giving financial support for scaling up the programme across Delhi/NCR
  • More than 5 lac auto and taxi drivers had undergone gender sensitization across Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon (NCR)
  • One in every five drivers had participated in the gender sensitization more than once
  • One in every 20 drivers was reporting small but significant positive shift in their professional behaviours towards creating safe and equal public spaces for women and girls
  • Drivers were sharing initiatives, which they were attempting to take within their family. Their increased ability to identify gender discriminatory practices within their families demonstrated positive shift in change and transition from professional to personal sphere of their life

The changes demonstrated by the programme created the need and opportunity for it to be revisited and realigned to its larger goal of bringing gender equality through provision of accessible and equitable public transportation and it was in this year when the programme was reincarnated as Barabari ki Dagar, Surakshit Safar. New approaches for more impactful programming were developed which aimed at-

  • Re-engaging drivers on the issue of gender and VAW beyond the one time in-class room training sessions to deepen understanding and knowledge.
  • Motivating drivers to bring positive change in their personal life apart from professional life.
  • Public awareness initiatives on the issue of sexual harassment of women in public places to encourage by-stander actions.

Some of the key innovative strategies, which the programme set itself for implementing were

Safe Gaadi App

Safe gaadi- Is a mobile app which has been explicitly developed for drivers which they download post training on their smart phones. The app comprises of learning material on gender, violence against women, laws pertaining to violence against, latest updates on programme activities like scholarship for their daughters, important days and celebrations on various social issues, drivers’ stories of positive change and actions etc. To ensure sustained use and interest of drivers for the app, learning material is in the form of incentive based games and quiz with extensive use of audio-video tools. The app is available on App store for androids and iPhone and can be downloaded here.

Home Visits

This entails programme team undertaking home visits to meet family members of drivers on a voluntary basis. During these interactions family members share positive stories of change especially, which they have been experiencing as a result of their driver family member’s participation in the programme.

Daughters of Delhi

This is another programme strategy to enable gender equality travel to personal life of drivers. Two kinds of scholarships under this initiative are offered to daughters of drivers. While the first one provides financial support aide high school education the second one is for skill building diploma/certified courses to those daughters who had to drop out from school.

Collective Events For Change

This is a strategic activity to reengage drivers on various social issues to be active citizens. On important days in the history of women’s rights and human such as International Women’s Day, Human Rights Day. AIDS Day etc. drivers along with the programme team undertake events to engage with the larger community on some of these issues.


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