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Internships at Manas


We at Manas Foundation make every effort to provide an extensive internship experience to students as well as institutions. We try to build a community of mental health ambassadors through our internship program where we build their capacity through training under our clinicians, psychologists and trainers. We offer meaningful and practical work related to our two major programs – Mental Health & Gender Justice. 


Team Manas
Mental Health

Our belief is that each individual, section, and community deserves access to mental health services. This program aims to understand the mental health requirements of the different sections of the society using a holistic view of the psychosocial model. 

Under this program we offer counselling services, awareness campaigns, mental health sensitisation training & workshops in various parts of the community. 

Gender Justice

All women have a right to be in any public space and it should not be driven by their concern of safety. Being mindful of this, Manas is continuously working towards creating safe public spaces for women. 

Our program provides gender sensitization and professional training workshops to auto, truck and cab drivers all over the country.

Here’s what we offer during your internship with us

OPD Observations with our in house Psychiatrist

Capacity Building Sessions with our Expert

Content creation for our training module, workshop and webinars. 

Research Opportunities

Social Media Engagement

Visits to Custodial Homes 

Observing our training sessions, workshop and webinars. 

Join us in our journey to learn relevant skills and aptitude through this internship program. 

Fill this form below and our internship coordinator will get back to you. 


Other Information


Graduate Degree Minimum

Total intake per batch


Our Session starts at the beginning of each month. In case our intake is complete, you will be kept in our waiting list in case of dropouts and first priority list for the next batch. 

For more queries contact us at: 

Ph. no.- 8802023901 or 011-41708517



Mental Health Training Programs


Mental Health Training Programs – 2020




20 May

Psychotherapy Discussion

Therapeutic intervention for an institutionalised adolescent female with unhealthy attachment, episodic anger outbursts, mood instability. 

27 May

Psychotherapy Discussion

A step-by-step procedure of dealing with a female client who shows high suicidal ideation, irritability of mood, disturbed sleep, anxious in crowds, substance use history of marijuana, avoidance of closed transports, difficulties in attention and concentration, panic attacks & mild dysthymia. 

12 June

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Symptoms & intervention discussion of a 25-year-old single male with a chronic course of recurrent thoughts of worry which he has difficulty controlling which began 10-11 years ago. He also experiences associated symptoms of increased heart rate, irritability, difficulty relaxing (including sleeping), restlessness and anxiety sensitivity.

19 June

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Case discussion of a institutionalized female who is a victim of repeated sexual assault, domestic and verbal abuse showing excessive trauma symptoms.  disturbed sleep and appetite; anxiety; excessive crying, fear of abandonment & dependency.

26 June

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Case conceptualization of an adult female showing pessimistic thinking, lack of empathy towards others, difficulty in developing trusting relations, sleep disturbance & family conflict.

3rd July

Case Discussion with Patient Interview.

Case discussion with presence of client in the video meeting. Paranoid schizophrenia, delusions, co-existence of social, cultural and medical dimensions was discussed. 

10 July

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Role of various factors that can have an impact on an individual with the help of a case discussion of an adult female client with a history of physical abuse.

17 July

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Discussion on diagnosis and differential diagnosis in relation to a case of an adult female client experiencing panic attacks, intense anxiety, decreased social interaction, low psychomotor ability, mixed anxiety and depressive symptoms.

22 July

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Discussion on depression diagnosis of a case of an adult male client experiencing frequent episodes of palpitation, self- doubt, erratic sleep pattern, anxious feelings, feelings of worthlessness and guilt. 

31 July

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Session on emotionally unstable personality disorder & adjustment disorder by discussing a case of an institutionalised adolescent with parental neglect, family conflict, running away tendencies, self-harm towards oneself and towards others, resistant approach towards counseling and anger outbursts.

7 August

Psychotherapy Discussion

Assessment such as YBOCS and ERP therapy intervention plan for an adult male experiencing obsessive thoughts about a friend, thoughts of killing somebody, blaming tendencies and instability in the professional front.

13 August

Symptoms & diagnosis 

Discussion on mixed disorder of conduct and emotions of a case of an adolescent female experiencing physical abuse from sibling and have a authority problem with adult rules followed by unhealthy patterns of sleep and appetite 

4 September 

Symptoms & diagnosis 

Case of an adult female in institutional settings with high speech productivity, pressured speech, delusions of grandeur, flight of ideas, loosening of association & level 1 insight.

11 September 

Symptoms & diagnosis 

An adult male experiencing gradual onset of behavioral changes after the death of a loved one such as Impulsive thinking, anger, suicidal thoughts, diminished social behaviour, low rate and speed of speech, dysthymic mood, increased irritability, family conflict.

18 September 

Symptom & diagnosis 

A person with psychosis: an adult female client with interrupted flow of thought, no logical reasoning, inappropriate smiling, thought incongruent affect, word substitution without personal judgement. 

25 September 

Symptoms & diagnosis 

Case conceptualization of an adolescent female with suicidal attempts and tendencies, self-harm, dissociative symptoms and frequent mood changes.

9 October 

Case Discussion with patient interview 

Interview of an elderly female with phobia of closed space.

16 October 

Psychotherapy Discussion

Case of an elderly female with traumatic grief after her daughter’s suicide suffering from intrusive thoughts with of suicide, the events that led up to it, feelings of guilt, anger and inability to function adequately, no crying after the incident, marital conflict, depressed mood. 

23 October 

Topic Discussion

Early intervention of Dementia, attention & concentration, Memory, Cognitive functions

12 November 

Psychotherapy discussion 

Acceptance and commitment therapy as therapeutic intervention in regard to a case of an adult female.

20 November 

Symptoms & diagnosis 

Case discussion of a girl with ADHD.


Symptoms & diagnosis 

Case discussion of an institutionalized male child with runaway tendencies and violent behaviour towards fellow children.


Topic Discussion

Legalization of cannabis with arguments for and against.

7 December 

Case discussion 

Case conceptualization of adolescent male with conflicts between choices with issues in family subsystem in relation to sociocultural aspects.


Symptoms & diagnosis 

Case discussion of an adult female presented with the fear of body space intrusion. The case unfolded over time where her husband showed suspicious behavior.

Mental Health Training Programs – 2021




2 January 

Topic discussion 

Understanding what culture bound syndrome is, how CBS ties into culture and mental health. A discussion on Hikikomori and current interventions for same. 

7 January 

Psychotherapy discussion 

Therapeutic intervention in respect to socio cultural approach to a case of inter-religious marriage, trauma, physical and sexual abuse.

15 January 

Patient Interview and Case Discussion

Examination of an adult with somatoform disorder.

22nd & 29th January

Topic Discussion

Somatoform Disorders: Types, Symptoms, history, treatment case study example

12 February 

Topic Discussion 

Basics of Narrative Therapy 

19 February 

Topic Discussion

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy 

26 February 

Psychotherapy discussion 

Case discussion of an adult female with possession disorder.

12 March 

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Case discussion of an adult female with fear of body intrusion. 

9 April 

Topic Discussion 

Presentation on internal war conflict in Chattisgarh and how it affects the mental health of children and different perspectives.

23 April  

Topic Discussion 

Discussion on culture and psychopathology. Anthropological phenomenon in culture and its impact on mental health. Cultural aspects of schizophrenia, mood and anxiety disorder. 

7 May 

Symptoms and diagnosis 

Case discussion of an adult female with trauma symptoms due to multiple assaults and rumination of trauma. 

19 May 

Topic Discussion

Supportive psychotherapy techniques such as guidance, tension control , externalization of interest and environment were discussed.

11 June

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Implications of a dual diagnosis through a case history discussion of an adult female with self-harm tendencies, unstable affect and behavioral changes with a history of manic episode in the past.

18 June

Topic Discussion

Role of cultural beliefs and traditional healing practices in the accessing mental health care in places such as Mehendipur Balaji