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About the internships:

Manas Foundation provides Internship experience both in Mental Health and Gender sensitization areas of work as per the goals identified from the internship. Internship experience at Manas Foundation will give you a well-rounded opportunity to learn and practice in your academic areas as well as ready you with hands-on experience of the demands of the workplace in an environment of mentoring and nurturing.

Exploring mental health/gender sensitization landscape through advocacy, developing content for social media and IEC (IEC repository in gender and mental health; participate in study or research in projects running in Delhi, NCR, Dausa & Kumaon)

 Identifying and researching on potential sources of funding and submission of proposals (identifying at least 3 such opportunities and sharing a brief note on rationale or applying)

Opportunities to learn through participating in case discussion sessions of writing case history and diagnosis. Hands on experience of the same 

Two types of internships

  1. Internship requests from institutions
  2. Direct enquiries

Please write to us for more details: or call: 8802023901




Suvlaxmi Gurumayum
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Deonar Mumbai.

Q1. What did this experience do for you with respect to your specific career development directions?Over the course of 5 weeks I have learnt about the role of a counsellor as well as the relationship towards a client. This skill of having to keep boundaries is very crucial for me as I was not much aware on how to set boundaries when giving services to a client. While observing the OPD sessions it has been clear to me to on how to state and establish that boundary.

Q2. What have you gained from your internship? What key skills do you feel you have developed? (Please give at least three examples, if possible) Some of the key skills that I have learnt over the course of 5 weeks are 

  • Teamwork and communication- The capacity building workshops were very helpful as it gave us all an opportunity to learn from each other and also communicate with each other. 

  • Zooming Out- This is one of the words that Dr. Banerjee always told us, the process of zooming out and understanding the situation from not only the medical lens but also the social lens was something that Dr.Banerjee constantly reminded us of.

  • Counselling skills- we were given the opportunity to conduct tele counselling which was nerve wracking but also a learning experience, with time by observing how calm and easily Kanupriya Maam talked to clients and connected with them was also a learning experience on where i could further improve on.

Q3. What was the best part of your internship experience?

The best part of the internship was most of the sessions with Dr. Banerjee as he would always leave me with food for thoughts. Dr. Banerjee’s zooming out technique is not only helpful in this field but also application in our personal lives as well. It is something that I often catch myself pondering upon nowadays.


Harshala Sanghvi

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Deonar Mumbai

  1. What did this experience do for you with respect to your specific career development directions?

    1. Understanding how OPD works in a social work context

    2. Exposure to client cases and discussions 

    3. Increasing awareness in topics related to my field i.e. reverse migration, YLD, treatment gap etc. 

    4. Regular documentation, something that is important in any job role. 

  1. What have you gained from your internship? What key skills do you feel you have developed? (Please give at least three examples, if possible)

  2. Social media Material making: I have learnt the skill of making relevant media material and making it visual as well. This is a very important skill as social media is an important medium for information dissemination, brand awareness and fundraising platform. 

  3. Desk research: Because we were given research assignments and then these were followed or preceded by practical relevant sessions, I used to get a better understanding of the topic. This design of purposeful research is an important tool that Manas has taught me. Even when it is not an assignment I remember to go back and research more on the topic that was spoken about.

  4. History taking and MSE: Even though I have a long way to go, I feel like I have learnt a lot on case building, observations, probing and other skills needed for HT and MSE. This is because I didn’t just get the chance to observe clients but the team made time to have a discussion with us on it too. Q3.What was the best part of your internship experience?

    All the interactions by Kanupriya ma’am were very helpful as she used to talk as if she is answering a hypothetical question of how when what why and who. Observing her taking IQ assessment was interesting as I have done it before but this was a class apart. Even the candid speech by Amiya sir was very insightful as it used to be about a serious topic but with humour. That is something I need to learn because as social workers we are often just talking and dealing with problems and keeping it humorous actually makes it light for us and our colleagues. 


Nupoor Jha

Dear ma’am 

I am very glad to inform you that it was a great experience interning at the Manas Foundation.I am very greatful for providing me with this golden opportunity to be an intern the under the guidance of Manas team. The learning has overcome the boundaries of the current pandemic. The field work has helped me a lot to develop the concepts in psychology and different areas of mental health, counselling techniques, various forms of disorders etc. 
The fieldwork has improved my knowledge in the psychology and a motivation  to build the career as a professional psychologist.
I am looking forward for such more learnings in the future endeavour. I will be glad to stay in touch with the Manas team post field work. 
Kind regards 


Sanjeevani Rajshekharan


I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as an intern at Manas Foundation. It has truly been a pleasure working with you and the entire team.  Over the last two months i have certainly gained valuable insight into the field of psychology and mental health. 
Because you gave me an opportunity to work with under your projects at Camp Kumaon and Dausa,  i had the chance to observe and learn a lot about various mental disorders and the intervention approach used for the same as well.The experience was even better because of the warmth and welcoming approach from the entire team and especially you as our mentor. It has definitely given a deep insight into the field of mental health and psychology. 
This internship has definitely increased my interest in pursuing a career in the field of Psychology. 
I would love to stay in touch with you and perhaps speak to you regarding the steps I should take in the future to pursue a career in Psychology. 
Once again thank you for a terrific two months. 


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