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counseling and psycho-education


Kalpana assists the residents at Nirmal Chhaya to take care of their mental, emotional and social well-being through counseling and psycho-education. She also engages them in activities and conducts educational workshops. She has completed my Master’s from Ambedkar University in Psycho social clinical studies during which she worked with psychiatric patients to help make their daily routine activities engaging and nurturing their well-being at the rehabilitation. Afterwards, she worked with neuro-diverse children, training their teachers/parents to help achieve their developmental milestones, developing skills and enhancing ADLs. She believes in the possibility of finding and helping each other to nurture one’s potential and best qualities towards growth and realization, which is only possible through inclusion.

She feels that as a Psychologist, it is best to seek a balance of being technical, analytical and emotionally engaging, to comprehend the complexity of the human psyche.Besides Psychology, she is always curious to learn new things through reading, having meaningful conversations, or watching plays and movies.

Some of her interests and creative expression includes writing poetry or prose, making handicrafts, sketches and singing as well.