Employee Assistance Program

Advocating for institutionalizing Mental Health in Corporate- offering Workshops, Counseling Services and Insights to Policy Frameworks 

This program aims to benefit the employees working at corporate organizations to maintain a work-life balance- it empowers them mentally to improve their performance at work. This is achieved by identifying and assisting the employees in addressing their problems that may be hampering their efficiency in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities. We assist the organization in creating a safe working environment by providing support through workshops on POSH training, workplace ethics, and professional behavior as well as providing counseling services to employees & employers.

Workshops & Webinars

Mental health of employees is a crucial determinant of an organization’s growth. We facilitate interactive workshops & webinars for employees to understand basic concepts of mental health along with creating a safe space for them to share and express. Our workshops are designed to imbibe empathy among participants, they teach about signs of burnout, stress and depression along with ways cope with them- which eventually paves way for a positive and healthy working environment.

Mental Health Policy Framework

Manas assists organizations to institutionalize mental health in their policies in order to promote the wellbeing of their employees; ultimately improving their productivity, engagement, communication and presenteeism.

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