Psychometric and psycho-diagnostic assessments play an essential role in conceptualizing and initiating therapeutic interventions, and in clarifying diagnoses. Manas uses standardized testing procedures to understand the difficulties around the intellectual adjustment and psychosocial or emotional well-being of clients. This extends to understanding the spectrum of issues that maybe taking away from the patients’ positive psychological growth.


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Psychometric assessments for individuals across all age groups are available in the following areas:

Intelligence (IQ) Testing

IQ Assessment includes performance and verbal tasks to measure intellectual ability across tasks and culture-fairness in interpretation. These assessments are conducted using standardized tests for a range of age groups.

Specific Learning Disability

Specific Learning Disability, or SLD assessment involves administration of a battery of tests tapping into clients’ level of difficulty with regards to specific scholastic and perceptual skills. SLD assessment takes into account attention, language (via reading, writing, spelling, expression and comprehension) arithmetic, and perceptual gestalt and accuracy. Generally paired with IQ assessment, testing for SLD is done to understand aberrations in performance across the aforementioned areas.

Personality Assessment

Personality assessment involves tests that bring out various aspects of clients’ traits and characteristics and include self-report and projective measures. These are often referred as an aid in self-awareness for clients, or to assist clinicians in gaining insight into the personality patterns of highly guarded clients.

Neuropsychological Functioning

Neuropsychological assessment is administered to clients showing symptoms reflecting brain damage or degeneration. Several subtests are conducted in order to gauge neuropsychological variables pertaining to the frontal, parietal-occipital, and temporal lobes.


Psycho-diagnostic assessments assist in clarifying diagnoses for clients who report or demonstrate behavioural or psycho-emotional patterns reflective of mixed symptomatology. Psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, and personality disorders, among others, are screened as part of diagnostic assessments.
Standardized screenings, self-report, and projective tests are administered following a detailed clinical interview and history taking session. Due consideration is given to personal, internal, conscious and unconscious levels, as well as precipitating factors, relationships and contextual elements. Psychiatrists often refer clients to Manas prior to prescription of medication or alteration of dosage. Psychotherapeutic interventions are also streamlined following psycho-diagnostic assessment.

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