Manas Foundation primarily being a mental health organization aims to address the problems of the different sections of the society through the mental health lens. We aim to adopt a shift from the medical model of well-being and focus on the person; not on the mental illnesses. We believe that all individuals, organizations, and societies have mental health concerns and we all need to address this issue for leading a more complete and fulfilling life.

Our Mission

To create & promote mentally healthy communities and institutions by raising awareness to reduce stigma, providing accessible mental health services, and capacitating institutions to integrate mental health into their delivery systems, through a psychosocial approach.

Our approach and model departs from traditional medical practices in that we humanize mental health care by focusing on enhancement of psychological competencies in people, enabling them to become happier, more satisfied and to realize their potential, and to prevent psychological and emotional difficulties from becoming disabilities. We strengthen community based support systems through services i.e.: conducting individual and group counselling, conducting training and sensitisation workshops, creating a task-force of barefoot counsellors through capacity building of frontline workers in public delivery systems, organizing and coordinating campaigns on raising awareness regarding mental health and gender justice etc.

Manas therefore has a dynamic model of demand-supply of addressing mental needs of diverse communities. Its awareness campaign and active advocacy with various stakeholders works towards generating demand for mental health services, and also helps in reducing the shame and stigma attached towards accessing mental health services.

To meet the supply end, Manas provides its services in the form of outpatient services, child guidance services, creating cadre of frontline mental health workers and barefoot counselors, workshops, psychiatric interventions as well as community outreach programs.Our journey so far has focused on making mental health synonymous with well-being, productivity, creativity, positivity and growth.


Manas approach is to co-create mental health interventions that are plugged into ongoing service delivery systems in the community. Manas’ innovative plug-in model leverages on existing delivery systems to provide mental health services, by setting up Mental Health Units (MHUs) as well as by implementing interventions that address challenges to psycho-social health and well-being across diverse contexts. Through this approach Manas has been able to demonstrate evidence based linkages between mental health, discrimination, poverty and access to justice, Gender sensitization training, gender equality, and several others.

Focusing on positive, preventive and promotive interventions towards enhancing well-being, resilience and potential


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