The public healthcare system is designed in a way that it caters to all the primary health needs of the masses however it still lacks an embedded mental health infrastructure to make it holistic.  It is well noted that poor physical health can lead to an increased risk of developing mental health problems. Similarly, poor mental health can lead to an increased risk of physical and medical conditions. At Manas we recognize this inter-linkage and see mental health as an essential component of a society’s well-being. Therefore, just as healthy communities have access to physical health services, we believe mental health care should be available, affordable and destigmatized for all people.

Manas Foundation therefore developed a comprehensive model that integrates mental healthcare into the existing public healthcare system with outreach at the state, district, block, and village levels. Our model works at both levels works both at the demand and supply end of a community’s mental health needs by plugging in demystified, but quality mental health services.

CAMP Dausa

Community Action Mental Health Programme in Dausa to augment the district mental health programme

CAMP DAUSA is a collaborative working between Manas Foundation, National Mental Health Programme and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. This integrated model aims for a co-creation of accessible, affordable, sustainable and replicable mental health services for the most impacted and vulnerable communities in Dausa. The CAMP Dausa model has successfully integrated essential mental health services within the District Hospital (operation point of the DMHP), Department of Education and Office of the Chief Medical Health Officer, thereby complimenting their initiatives in Dausa and making their impact more holistic. 

Along with that, through our awareness campaigns and mental health hub in Dausa, we are generating a normalized and demystified understanding of mental health within the community members and providing direct mental health services to people. Additionally by means of standardized training programmes we are empowering local resources within the community which can spread awareness about mental health and also prevent, identify and address mental health illnesses in Dausa independently. 

CAMP Kumaon

Community Action Mental-health Programme in underserviced regions of Kumaon, Uttarakhand

Based on the mental health needs of Uttarakhand, our experience and review of literature in implementing community mental health initiatives the following activities are being implemented:

We initiated a Center for Mental Health Services in Kumaon at two locations: Village Ganoli on 23.6.2020 and CHC Dwarahat on 4th August 2020 in partnership with the Chief Medical Health Officer. Our psychiatrist and psychologists are available online and onsite.

Community mapping through a predesigned door-to-door survey of 5 villages within 5km radius on family composition- age, sex, presence of physical illness and mental health problems. Our skilled field worker creates awareness among the community members about common mental health problems in their vernacular language. A wide number of people in these surveys so far have reported about anxiety and stress due to family problems and presence of alcohol abuse.

Westudied the effect of reverse migration on psychological well-beingon individuals who have returned to their villages during the lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic.Our results indicate that reverse migration is directly correlated with increase in common mental disorders, suicidal tendencies and financial challenges. We studied 5 variables- Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Peri- traumatic symptoms (experienced while going through the traumatic event) and coping mechanism.

We organize awareness drives for promoting positive mental health in partnership with local health department, village panchayat and influences within the community to demystify mental health issues and encouraging help seeking behavior within the community environment in various public spaces.

Integrating Mental Health into a State-run Reproductive and Child Healthcare Programme

Manas Foundation partnered with the Department of Women and Child Development, Govt. of NCT of Delhi and two CSO partners, NavShrishti and Prerna, in running a government programme for reproductive and child healthcare in the semi-urban areas of Delhi. The Manas mental healthcare model was integrated into this programme though Community awareness sessions with the beneficiaries on mental health parallels of reproductive and child health – i.e.: women and mental health, maternal stress and hormonal changes, post-partum depression, childhood attachment patterns etc, Capacity building of the CSO frontline health workers and direct services through our staff member within their premises.

Mental Healthcare

For Disadvantaged women and youth in Semi-Urban Areas in Delhi

As flagship initiative in the semi-urban sector, the Manas Model of mental healthcare was integrated into the healthcare programmes run by CSO-Government partnerships through a three-year project in Delhi in two phases. The first phase of this pilot ran from 2007-2008 supported by YouthReach, and implemented five CSOs, including Salaam-Baalak Trust, Vidya, SNS Foundation, Shine and Aman Biradari. The pilot was expanded into a three year long progamme, engaging with 10 CSOs in its second phase. CSO staff members trained to deliver healthcare services to women and youth were trained in counselling skills through a 48 hour curriculum and counselling centers were established in each of these organization along with regular support and guidance form Manas experts.

Rural Pilot

The Manas Mental Healthcare Model in Uttarakhand, Uttaranchal & Himachal Pradesh

The programme was initiated in three blocks of the Almoda district in rural Uttarakhand, with local CSO partners working in the field of healthcare. It was also piloted at Jagjitnagar in Himachal Pradesh. This implementation was during 2007-2009, and was able to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Establishing mental health service delivery at Community Health Centres, block Primary Health Centres
  • Integrating Out-Patient Department psychiatric consultation, psychometric assessment, screening and counselling services into the community healthcare system
  • Comprehensive training in basic counselling skills with ASHA workers, Anganwadi workers and community workers


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