Mental health awareness is an imperative first step to develop clarity about our own and others’ psycho-social and emotional needs, and work towards a more holistic sense of well- being. Manas works closely with educational institutions right from K-12 to Postsecondary education nstitutions offering services which could cover all stake holders in the institution ecosystem right from teaching, non-teaching staff, students, parents (as applicable), supportstaff.

Manas offers through its Circle Program a holistic approach to Mental health engagement within the Educational Institutions ecosystem for all its stakeholders. The Circle Program” name was very carefully chosen to not only to reflect our services but also our vision of DE stigmatization and making mental well-being more accessible and relevant in our education eco system. A healthy mind is the key to a wholesome life.

Some Important Facts:

  • 264 million people around the world are affected by depression and are also showing symptoms of anxiety (2019). One in four people are likely to have a behavioral or mental disorder – WHO
  • 69% of people suffering from stress related disorders such as depression were apprehensive that society would consider them to be crazy. 55 % of people suffering from stress related disorders say they have no or very few close friends.  –  Aasra
  • India highest in world for youth suicide  – Lancet
  • 6-7% of population (70 million Indians) have mental health concerns  – Times of India
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These are some very startling and real facts that we need to seriously address it making it part of our education institution culture as along with academic rigor as it has very serious impact on students overall quality of life and if not attended to at the right time it has both short term and long terms consequences. It could impede academic performance, socio emotional skills and physical well-being, ability to find rewarding careers. Enough research has shown direct correlation between mental health and quality of relationships at individual, institutional, social, community level including family and friends.

Manas Foundation is your partner invested in providing a systematic approach for student mental health a framework designed to support campus for self-assessment, strategic goal setting and the identification of options for change that can be used to inform planning and evaluation.

Mental Health Programme in Educational Institutes

Awareness and sensitization: Workshops online and onsite

Counselling and Intervention: Online and in person

Support services for Accessible Mental Health Services

Crisis Management

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