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Mental Health Curriculum for School Students

Over the years, several schools have reached out to Manas Foundation with the vision to incorporate mental health inputs into the education imparted to students. As a part of the initiative to seamlessly blend mental health into school curricula, we undertake a workshop-based, interactive curriculum focused towards addressing mental health needs and concerns with students, teachers, principals and parents.

Goals of the Manas Mental Health Curriculum for School children

  • To implement direct group interventions at the school to demystify pertinent mental health issues for students, and enhance positive self development
  • To involve teachers within the purview of the mental health interventions being put into action in the school
  • To carry out mental health campaigns that will raise awareness and stimulate dialogue within the school environment towards greater well-being both at the individual as well as collective level.

Through the medium of regular interactive workshops held multiple times over the academic year, audio-visual material and activity-based learning, key themes relevant to psycho-socio-emotional health of specific age groups are taken up.

Training Programmes with School Counsellors

In our extensive work with school students, we have developed trailing modules and hands-on curricula for school counsellors and mental health professionals working with children and adolescents.

Objectives of these training programmes :

  • Training counsellors in understanding & dealing effectively with learning/ psychological/ emotional/ behavioural problems of children.
  • Assisting the counsellors in identification of emotional/behavioural/learning issues, like- SLD,conduct disorders, ADHD, autism, school refusal, low self-esteem, suicidal tendency, exam stress etc.
  • Enhancing capacities in applying counselling techniques in working with common psycho-social and developmental issues in children of all ages such as screening, supportive counselling and crisis intervention.
  • Training counsellors with adequate protocols and techniques for sensitive psychosocial issues such as: sexual abuse, bullying, trauma, migration, parental discord, drug addiction, disciplining issues, gender sensitivity etc. (need based)
  • To enable counsellors to manage the issues, or refer the child to the correct professionals using the above mentioned learning.

Capacity Building of Teachers on Mental Health Needs and Concerns of School Children

The trainings we undertake adopt an interactive workshop-based methodology, including multimedia resources, role plays, case discussions and peer mentoring. Our trainings are activity-based, allowing the teachers and staff to experientially understand their role in creating an enabling environment within which students’ feel safe and cared for.

Psychometric Assessments for School Students

Professionals from Manas implement standardized psychological tests to gain insight into areas adversely affecting the child’s development, which are used to assess current functioning and resolve reported concerns. This also extends to understanding the various issues subtracting from the child’s positive psychological growth. All assessments follow standards of ethics and the comfort of clients.

  • Intelligence (IQ Testing) using standardized tests that incorporate performance and verbal tasks in order to gauge intellectual ability across domains, while ensuring culture-fairness in interpretation.
  • Specific Learning Disability or SLD assessment (generally paired with IQ testing) involves a range of tests to gauge clients’ level of difficulty with specific scholastic and perceptual skills such as attention, language, arithmetic, perceptual gestalt and accuracy.
  • Career Guidance focuses on assessing interest, aptitude and personality and attempts to find a match amongst them, recommending a career path that considers individual abilities, interests, personality values and context.
  • Screening and assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, along with other childhood and development disorders.

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