We make public our policy on refund and cancellation on any kind of payment/donation received on the payment gateway as under:-

• No refund/cancellation for the donated amount by any donor/client shall be entertained.  In case of any dispute it will be settled as per the norms & condition of merchant and payment gateway service provider.

• After purchase, clients cannot request refunds if they think that the services purchased are not suitable, not of satisfactory nature and/or of no interest to them anymore. All services offered by us are fully explained and clients are free to contact us at info@manas.org.in to seek more information about these services prior to the purchase.

• Manas Foundation will issue refunds only under the following conditions:

  1. Unauthorized payment made from a third party account without the knowledge of the account holder.
  2. If a client duplicates a payment for a single service.
  3. If a client does not receive any response to his request or complaint from us within 7 days after the request or complaint has been launched.


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