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This paper describes a sustainable community mental health program delivering services integrated with primary health care in eastern Uttar Pradesh. Mental health services were integrated into the community-based primary health programs of Ramakrishna Mission, Varanasi (RKM) as part of the Jan Man Swasthya Program (JMSP) in 2013. The program was delivered with JMSP support for three and a half years till June 2017, when funding ended. From then onwards, mental health services continue to be delivered till date in a sustainable manner.

 Over a two-year sustained period studied in this paper, the program demonstrated sustained benefits to clients, as well as program fidelity and adaptation. The organizational ethos, leadership and continuity of the team, the good fit between the program and the organizations’ mission, and the institutionalization of training and funding were identified as key contributors to the program’s sustainability. This experience can contribute towards attaining similar outcomes both in new community mental health programs, as well as in the public NMHP.