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Approach to Counselling and Therapy at Manas

At Manas, we practice the psycho-social model of mental health therapy. This is distinct from the medical model in its use of the individual’s context, relationships, and access to justice in formulating the pathway of care. Part of the effort is to destigmatize mental health services within the mindset of clients and their families and address immediate concerns while inculcating a well- being orientation for the long term.

Trained Professionals

Licensed Clinical Psychologists & trained mental health professionals are available to address mental health needs and concerns.

Who can benefit from therapy

  • Individuals
    Individual treatment plans are prepared for clients based on assessed mental health concerns and specific contextual elements. 
  • Persons in relationships
    Our professionals provide therapeutic intervention to couples struggling with difficulties by identifying and addressing these concerns to enhance their relationship.
  • Families
    Family therapy includes family members and/or significant individuals to implement solutions for the well-being of the entire family 

Mental Health Concerns that can be Addressed via Counselling and Therapy

Common mental disorders include depression, anxiety, and stress related difficulties that arise due to situational demands and circumstances that create disturbances in normal functioning for individuals. Regular psychotherapeutic intervention is required to restore normal functioning in individuals experiencing such difficulties. Individual and family therapy is used for personality disorders where longstanding character traits become recurrently problematic for individuals and their relations. These therapies are also beneficial in substance use and addiction, sexual abuse and trauma cases.
In more severe conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder, treatment involves a combination of medication and counseling.


Psychiatric intervention is required broadly in two kinds of situations:

  • Where the person is suffering from a severe mental disorder. Such disorders include schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder and major depression.
  • In stress-related, situational or personality based problems. Here psychiatric treatment is used as a complement to psychotherapy and counseling.